Sunday, March 25, 2007

23 marzo. Tricentenario della nascita di Linneo.

Nature gli dedica un dossier
Ecco il sommario dei testi riportati nel fascicolo di Nature.

The legacy of Linnaeus
Linnaeus at 300: We are familyUpdating the tree of life needs both the skills of evolutionary biologists and the data from genome-crunchers — the two ignore each other at their peril. John Whitfield reports.
Linnaeus at 300: The species and the speciousFor some, species are simply the things you save; but for taxonomists, the concept is much more complex. Emma Marris asks whether Linnaeus's legacy is cut out for conservation.
Linnaeus at 300: The big name huntersProfessional taxonomists often bristle at non-professionals who name new species without going through peer review. But are amateur naturalists really bad for science? Brendan Borrell reports.
Linnaeus at 300: The royal raccoon from SwedesboroAlthough Linnaeus is best known for his botany and taxonomy, he was also an anatomist — and a keeper of pets. Henry Nicholls tells the story of Sjupp the raccoon.

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