Saturday, May 12, 2007

PNAS nella sezione COLLOQUIUM pubblica numerosi articoli sull'evoluzione

PNAS Early Edition contiene diversi interessanti saggi pubblicati nella sezione COLLOQUIUM (anche disponibili a testo completo e non ancora pubblicati a stampa) che hanno come tema l'evoluzione.

Tra gli autori segnalo Ayala, Carroll, Wilkins e altri ancora.
Per sfogliare tutti i saggi selezionate la sezione COLLOQUIUM.
Ecco la lista completa:
Michael Lynch The frailty of adaptive hypotheses for the origins of organismal complexity Albert F. Bennett and Richard E. Lenski An experimental test of evolutionary trade-offs during temperature adaptation John C. Avise and Francisco J. Ayala In the light of evolution I: Adaptation and complex design Cynthia M. Beall Two routes to functional adaptation: Tibetan and Andean high-altitude natives Robert M. Hazen, Patrick L. Griffin, James M. Carothers, and Jack W. Szostak Functional information and the emergence of biocomplexity Eugenie C. Scott and Nicholas J. Matzke Biological design in science classrooms Richard E. Michod Evolution of individuality during the transition from unicellular to multicellular life Francesca D. Frentiu, Gary D. Bernard, Cristina I. Cuevas, Marilou P. Sison-Mangus, Kathleen L. Prudic, and Adriana D. Briscoe Adaptive evolution of color vision as seen through the eyes of butterflies Joan E. Strassmann and David C. Queller Insect societies as divided organisms: The complexities of purpose and cross-purpose Douglas J. Emlen, Laura Corley Lavine, and Ben Ewen-Campen On the origin and evolutionary diversification of beetle horns Francisco J. Ayala Darwin's greatest discovery: Design without designer Adam S. Wilkins Between "design" and "bricolage": Genetic networks, levels of selection, and adaptive evolution John Gerhart and Marc Kirschner The theory of facilitated variation Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra, Peter L. Morrell, and Brandon S. Gaut Plant domestication, a unique opportunity to identify the genetic basis of adaptation Benjamin Prud'homme, Nicolas Gompel, and Sean B. Carroll Emerging principles of regulatory evolution Nancy A. Moran Symbiosis as an adaptive process and source of phenotypic complexity
Paolo Coccia

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