Monday, February 19, 2007

Pandemic game!

Pandemic è un gioco liberamente disponibile sul web. Occorre possedere Flash Player per poterlo usare!
Voi dovete impersonare un virus e farlo evolvere per contrastare l'intervento umano che cercherà disperatamente una cura!
Pandemic is a simulation game that allows the player to evolve their own biological virus over a period of 200 days. Game features a strategic world map, over 29 different viral attributes, air ports and water centers. Sponsored by Crazy Monkey Games. Pandemic won an award for best flash entry of January 24 and an award for best flash entry between January 24 and January 31 on Newgrounds. If you are epileptic, please use caution while playing the game or consult your doctor before hand.

Paolo Coccia

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