Monday, February 19, 2007

La rivista Evolution liberamente disponibile per un breve periodo

La Society for the Study of Evolution ha preso accordi con l'editore Blackwell Publishing per pubblicare la rivista Evolution per i prossimi 5 anni.

Per un breve periodo, a partire dal fascicolo di gennaio 2007, gli articoli pubblicati saranno liberamente disponibili a tutti presso il sito web della Blackwell.
Segnalo, nel primo numero, il testo completo dell'articolo, IS EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY STRATEGIC SCIENCE? di Thomas R. Meagher, Centre for Evolution, Genes, and Genomics, School of Biology, University of St Andrews, Fife, UK di cui riprendo l'abstract:There is a profound need for the scientific community to be better aware of the policy context in which it operates. To address this need, Evolution has established a new Outlook feature section to include papers that explore the interface between society and evolutionary biology. This first paper in the series considers the strategic relevance of evolutionary biology. Support for scientific research in general is based on governmental or institutional expenditure that is an investment, and such investment is based on strategies designed to achieve particular outcomes, such as advance in particular areas of basic science or application. The scientific community can engage in the development of scientific strategies on a variety of levels, including workshops to explicitly develop research priorities and targeted funding initiatives to help define emerging scientific areas. Better understanding and communication of the scientific achievements of evolutionary biology, emphasizing immediate and potential societal relevance, are effective counters to challenges presented by the creationist agenda. Future papers in the Outlook feature section should assist the evolutionary biology community in achieving a better collective understanding of the societal relevance of their field.

Paolo Coccia

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