Saturday, November 17, 2007

The importance of homology for biology and philosophy

Intero fascicolo della rivista Biology and Philosophy (Volume 22, Number 5, November, 2007) dedicato alla rivisitazione del concetto di Omologia

Ecco il sommario del fascicolo, curato da Paul Griffiths e Ingo Brigandt:
-The importance of homology for biology and philosophy by Brigandt and Griffiths-The phenomena of homology by Griffiths-Psychological categories as homologies: lessons from ethology by Marc Eresehfsky
-Defining vision: what homology thinking contributes by Mohan Matthen-Functional homology and homology of function: biological concepts and philosophical consequences by Alan Love
-Typology now: homology and developmental constraints explain evolvability again by Brigandt.
Paolo Coccia

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