Friday, December 02, 2005

Darwin & Evolution

Speciale Darwin & Evolution

Natural History magazine, prestigiosa rivista dell’American Museum of Natural History dedica il fascicolo di novembre allo speciale Darwin & Evolution contenente dieci articoli
Segnalo, dal sommario, questi articoli
The Illusion of Design. RICHARD DAWKINS (testo completo sul sito)
Sezione The Historical Darwin
The Miraculous Season. Tramping in the fields and tinkering in the greenhouse, Darwin created a revolution in botany. DAVID KOHN
Bee Lines and Worm Burrows. Growing up as Darwin’s little helpers. SHEILA ANN DEAN
Darwin’s Shrink. A noted historian, psychiatrist Ralph Kolp Jr., probes the naturalist’s inner life. RICHARD MILNER (testo completo sul sito)
Good Breeding. Darwin doubted his own family’s “fitness.” JAMES MOORE
Sezione Darwinism Today
Evolution in Action. Finches, monkeyflowers, sockeye salmon, and bacteria are changing before our eyes. JONATHAN WEINER (testo parzialmente completo sul sito)
The Fossils Say Yes. The discovery of transitional forms has filled in some of the most talked-about gaps in the fossil record. DONALD R. PROTHERO
The Origins of Form. Ancient genes, recycled and repurposed, control embryonic development in organisms of striking diversity. SEAN B. CARROLL (testo completo sul sito)
On Darwin’s Shoulders. Computers and molecular techniques are ushering evolutionary biology into a new era. DOUGLAS J. FUTUYMA
UP FRONT: The New Darwinism
UNIVERSE: The Perimeter of Ignorance. A boundary where scientists face a choice: invoke a deity or continue the quest for knowledge. NEIL deGRASSE TYSON ((testo parzialmente completo sul sito)
OUT THERE: The Galaxies They Are A-Changin’. The cosmos evolves, just like life on Earth. CHARLES LIU

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