Friday, October 21, 2005

National Workshop on Astrobiology

Segnalo il programma del National Workshop on Astrobiology che si svolgerà la settimana prossima a Capri
Eccovi una selezione di presentazioni:
A. Lazcano - Astrobiology and the study of the origins of life: the happy liaison?
P.L. Luisi - Science facing the origin of life on Earth
J. Oliver - Definitely life but not definitively
F.U. Battistuzzi - A genomic timetree of the evolution of early life on Earth
E.N. Trifonov - Primordia vita. Deconvolution from modern sequences.
A. Travers - Alternative DNA structures - why does DNA have A-T and G-C base
E. Szathmàry - The replication problem
….e tanto altro............

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